Artists in Residence, Captiva


The Foundation has opted to delay reopening of the residency until 2022. When we reopen, artists who have had to defer since 2020 will receive priority. The extended closure allows us to steadily move forward with our climate change adaptation project that will retain the property’s integrity and enhance what Robert Rauschenberg created. The septic system will be converted to sewer, manicured lawn will return to meadowland, invasive plants will be replaced with natives, existing structures will be reinforced, and construction of a 7000 sq.ft. building with studios, a kitchen and commons area will be completed.  We anticipate a productive pause in our program, and eagerly anticipate the artists return.


RESIDENCY #45: APRIL 6-MAY 8, 2020 (cancelled)

Dylan Gauthier
Visual Artist

Christopher Green (PhD Candidate, City University of New York)

James Brandon Lewis

Ofelia Marquez Stephens
Visual Artist

Jin Ju Song-Begin

Kendra Sullivan

Juliana Venter

Mlondolozi Zondi (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University)
Movement Artist


RESIDENCY #46: MAY 26-JUNE 26, 2020 (cancelled)

Felipe Baeza
Visual Artist

Hillerbrand + Magsamen (Photolucida's Critical Mass program awardee)
Stephan Hillerbrand & Mary Magsamen
Visual Artists

Yvette Janine Jackson
Composer/Sound Installation Artist

Janice A. Lowe
Composer/Poet/Vocalizing Pianist

Patrick Martinez
Visual Artist

Star Montana
Visual Artist

Sable Elyse Smith
Visual Artist/Writer

Rayyane Tabet
Visual Artist

William Villalongo
Visual Artist

McKenzie Wark (Thoma Foundation Fellow)


RESIDENCY #47: JULY 6-31, 2020 (Artists with children) (cancelled)

Sterling Allen
Visual Artist

Ghost of a Dream
Adam Eckstrom & Lauren Was
Visual Artists

Kahlil Joseph

Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Visual Artist

Rasmus Nielsen
Visual Artist


RESIDENCY #48: AUGUST 10-SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 (cancelled)

Natalie Ball
Visual Artist

Uriel Barthelemi
Composer/Drummer/Electronic Musician/Visual Artist

Dam Van Huynh

Dave McKenzie
Visual Artist

Elaine Mitchener
Vocalist/Improviser/Movement Artist/Composer

Matana Roberts
Sound & Mixed Media Artist

Legacy Russell (Thoma Foundation Fellow)

Taro Shinoda
Visual Artist

Anna Martine Whitehead (3Arts Fellow)
Performance Maker/Choreographer/Writer/Artist

Ronaldo Wilson
Writer/Dancer/Painter/Video Artist


RESIDENCY #49: SEPTEMBER 28-OCTOBER 30, 2020 (cancelled)

Performance Residency with Faustin Linyekula + collaborators


RESIDENCY #50: NOVEMBER 16-DECEMBER 18, 2020 (cancelled)

Anthony Cokes
Conceptual & Media Artist

Tirtza Even (3Arts Fellow)
Experimental Video Documentary Artist

Uchenna Itam (PhD Candidate, University of Texas, Austin)
Art Historian/Curator/Writer

Thomas Love (PhD Candidate, Northwestern University)
Art Historian

Jeffry Mitchell
Visual Artist

Shellyne Rodriguez
Visual Artist

Jamilah Sabur (Oolite Arts Fellow)
Visual Artist

Lester St. Louis

Lucie Vítková
Composer/Musician/Dancer/Visual Artist

Olivia K. Young (PhD Candidate, University of California, Berkeley)


Partnerships: In 2020, the Rauschenberg Residency partnered with 3Arts (Chicago), Photolucida (Portland), Thoma Foundation, and Oolite Arts (Miami), in order to expand the selection process and broaden diversity.

PhD Candidates: In 2020, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation inaugurated a residency program for scholars who are nearing completion of their dissertations on Postwar art. These emerging art historians are provided with the time to make significant progress on their dissertations.