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Phoenix (Scale)
Tropic magazine cover project
Rauschenberg in Captiva
Travelogue excerpt, South Bank Show
Baltimore Museum of Art
Baltimore Museum of Art
Rauschenberg with Mongolian Cousin (Spread)
Cloister Series at Ace Gallery, Vancouver
Rauschenberg in Captiva
Rookery Mounds at Galleriet
Spreads and Scales at Leo Castelli Gallery
text on paper Photography statement
Glacial Decoy
Photems at Sonnabend Gallery
In + Out City Limits: Charleston
Photem series
Tate retrospective
Hot Shot statement
Rauschenberg with 1/4 Mile
Japanese Clayworks
Letter of recommendation for Trisha Brown and Laurie Anderson (Set and Reset)
1/4 Mile installation at Edison Community College
14th International Festival of Photography, Arles
Australian National Gallery